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AME 2022 Conference at Manchester

Aitor R. Salaverría and Juan P. Dabdoub participated in the 48th annual conference of the Association for Moral Education (AME) at Manchester, UK, 20-23 July 2022. The title of the conference was Moral Development and Moral Education in Global Transition.

During the conference they presented the communication ‘Leveraging Colegios Mayores for Moral Development in Higher Education through the Just Community Approach’, an ongoing international research project funded by AME and University of Navarra. They also had the opportunity to present the UCCD initiative and meet other scholars interested in promoting virtuous character development at the university level. It was a particular honor to finally meet Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro, one of the most prominent figures of the Just Community approach to moral education, and discuss with her how Kohlberg’s approach could be adapted to promote character education in higher education, particularly in a residential context.

They also chaired the symposium ‘PRIMED for Character Education on Four Continents’, presenting diverse projects in the USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain to promote the flourishing of human goodness in educational communities using the design principles of the PRIMED model.

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On April 26, the University Communities for Character Development (UCCD) initiative was presented to all those interested in promoting character development in higher education in the context of the University of Navarra.

The Association for Moral Education will fund a UCCD project aimed at promoting collaborative governance in the Colegios Mayores


2022 March 10th

Colegios Mayores are the Spanish version of the European Colleges, a relatively unknown and long-standing innovation in higher education to serve the socialization of future ethical leaders of society. Over nearly a millennium, they have existed at universities across Europe. In part, they represent a brilliant and extremely innovative approach to this task, by relying on democratic structures, long before democracy reemerged in Europe since ancient Greece. To fully realize the promise and legacy of Colegios Mayores, we propose to build upon contemporary theory and practice in nurturing the development of moral character and just leadership following Kohlberg’s Just Community approach to moral education.

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